Symbridge Joins BankProv’s ProvXchange™ Network

We’re excited to announce that Symbridge has joined the ProvXchange™ network.

Symbridge is fully integrated with ProvXchanges’ API, completing its first send through the network with an institutional counterparty.

“We are delighted to partner with BankProv to enhance our user’s experience,” said Alexander Kravets, CEO of Symbridge. “Through this partnership, our client base of institutions and accredited investors will integrate well with the Bank’s specialty offerings, and we feel they will benefit from BankProv’s industry-leading API functionality. This strong partnership is a natural fit for us, helping us to continue to grow.”

ProvXchange enables BankProv clients to transfer between their accounts and the accounts of other BankProv clients in real-time without the delays of traditional payment rails. Using the Bank’s APIs, clients can also get up-to-date, accurate information on their accounts to effectively maintain receivable and payables, and easily maximize business productivity.

“We are excited to announce Symbridge has joined our ProvXchange network,” said Dave Mansfield, CEO of BankProv. “We built the ProvXchange network to better meet the needs of this community and we look forward to supporting Symbridge’s growth,” he said.

To learn more about the ProvXchange network and how BankProv can help you bank the way you want, please click here.

About BankProv
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