Symbridge Capital Launches Best-Of-Breed Alternatives Platform

Greenwich, CT – November 17, 2022 – Symbridge Capital LLC, a FINRA-member broker-dealer that operates an alternative trading system (ATS) for digital asset securities, announced today the launch of a cutting-edge platform for risk-managed and enhanced cryptocurrency investment strategies.

The platform launches December 1st and will focus on funds and structured notes linked to Bitcoin and Ethereum with payoff profiles providing enhanced upside and principal-protection.

“Symbridge’s over 50,000-member institutional client base remains highly committed to the crypto asset class.” said Alexander Kravets, CEO of Symbridge Holdings LLC. “Accordingly, we are partnering with world-class providers to launch unique digital asset-focused investment opportunities for investors, especially pension plans and endowments that may have been hesitant to invest in Bitcoin and Ethereum due to recent market volatility.”

“We believe there’s a tremendous need for such specialized financial products in the market today,” said Sean Bowden, CEO of Symbridge Capital. “Our suite of upcoming offerings can provide cutting-edge opportunities to investors to enter crypto markets at historically-lower price points, coupled with risk protection from movements to the downside or enhanced yield on the upside,” he said. “Investors can access a product that allows participation in a resurgence in crypto valuations with compelling pay-off profiles to the upside or downside.”

In launching the platform, Symbridge is in discussions with global financial partners on a first-of-its-kind structured note for institutional and accredited investors and family offices investing in crypto for the first time.  The strategy is intended to provide principal protection against downside risk and was developed specifically for investors who seek exposure to crypto investing but have been reluctant to do so due to inherent volatility of the asset class.

Symbridge is also in talks with global crypto institutions to build out a series of innovative digital asset securities products for more conservative institutional crypto investors.

Symbridge Holdings LLC’s Kravets added, “Given recent adverse events in the crypto markets, more sophisticated, next-generation financial products are in demand by our client base. We look forward to partnering up with top-tier institutions to provide best-of-breed strategies to our investors.”

The platform launches this week with a Bitcoin principal-protected strategy and several digital asset funds to be announced in first quarter of 2023.

Explainer:  A Principal Protected Note (PPN) is a financial instrument that returns the principal amount invested at maturity of the underlying assets price movement.


About Symbridge Capital

Symbridge Capital LLC is a FINRA member broker-dealer that will operate an alternative trading system (ATS) for digital securities and tokenized assets.


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Greenwich, Connecticut-based Symbridge Holdings LLC is at the forefront of the new era of digital finance. Focused on meeting the needs of institutional and accredited investors, Symbridge’s trading ecosystem provides access to a wide range of assets in tokenized and digital format. Symbridge seeks to provide investors with secure, reliable, and transparent platforms, enabling them to trade quickly and with confidence.