Announcing Symbridge Capital

Symbridge Holdings LLC today announced its subsidiary Symbridge Capital LLC was granted membership approval by FINRA for its broker-dealer that will operate an alternative trading system (ATS) facilitating trading in digital asset securities, which will have ownership information tracked using blockchain technology.

“The formation of Symbridge Capital is a major step forward in bridging the divide between the exchange of digital assets via blockchain technology and the world of traditional finance,” said Alexander Kravets, CEO of Symbridge Holdings. “We are proud to be on the front lines of this disruption, as we remain focused on solving for the problems that have, until now, kept many professional traders and institutional clients on the sidelines of the digital asset revolution. We look forward to being a driver of continued innovation in this space.

Symbridge Capital’s ATS is scheduled to launch in the coming months, offering initial capabilities such as:

– Operating an issuance platform for the private placement of securities.

– Facilitating secondary trading in a range of digital asset securities.

“We are proud to be one of the initial ATSs in this space” said Sean Bowden, CEO and CCO of Symbridge Capital. “We are building a full-service securities issuance and trading ecosystem that caters to the needs of institutional clients and professional traders and will offer seamless access to a growing list of various digital asset securities, ranging from traditional privately offered securities to various investment trust structures, leveraging blockchain technology.”