Bitcoin Principal Protected Note

Designed for investors seeking exposure to Bitcoin, while mitigating downside risk and volatility.

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While the use of and interest in cryptocurrencies continues to grow, the market remains extremely volatile, with Bitcoin declining over 70% since its all-time high in November 2021.  Symbridge is pleased to offer the first issuance of a Bitcoin Principal Protected Note, designed for investors seeking exposure to Bitcoin while mitigating downside volatility. The note is issued by Exos TFP Holdings LLC, a fintech financial institution founded by Brady Dougan, the former Global CEO of Credit Suisse.

What Are Bitcoin Principal Protected Notes?

Bitcoin Principal Protected Notes are debt instruments issued by Exos TFP which pay 100% of Principal at Maturity in USD, plus an Additional Amount which is a function of the performance of Bitcoin over the life of the note. The notes are designed to capture bitcoin upside while mitigating downside risk.

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