Some of The World's Rarest Metals

Through our curated ecosystem of partners, Symbridge has access to some of the world’s rarest metals:


Why Symbridge Asset-Backed Tokens?

Symbridge offers asset-backed tokens (ABTs) through a US-domiciled and regulated entity. All tokens are physically backed by the underlying metal and can be redeemed at any time for the physical asset.

Our metals are 100% allocated, allowing token-holders to view the exact metal they own by entering their wallet address.


Direct ownership of real, physical metals

Extended Trading Hours
Symbridge asset-backed tokens can be easily traded on top U.S crypto asset exchanges nearly 24/7.
Access to Physical Redemption
Backed by the world's largest miners and suppliers, Symbridge provides token-holders with unwavering access to their metals.
Blockchain Enabled
By tokenizing metals and putting them on a blockchain, Symbridge is bringing the divisibility, fungibility and tradability of digital assets to physical metals, like never before.
Token-holders can retrieve the serial number and physical characteristics of the vaulted metal they own through their wallet address.

Exchange-Traded Metals

Introducing Tokenized Metals Traded On U.S. Exchanges

Symbridge is proud to democratize one of the world’s largest asset classes by erasing numerous barriers to entry and providing access to tokenized metals to institutional and retail investors via leading U.S. crypto exchanges.

With these trusted partners, you can rest assured knowing you are trading on the most reliable exchanges in the industry.

Do not need to open an account with Symbridge
Trade directly on U.S. crypto exchanges like, Kraken and Coinbase

Still Have Questions?

We have answers. Browse our frequently asked questions to learn more about asset-backed tokens.