Why Symbridge Capital?
Benefits Of A Security Token Offering With Symbridge Capital
Quicker to market
Less barriers to entry
Licensed sales force
Regulated trading system

What Are Security Token Offerings?

A Security Token Offering (STO) is a digital representation of ownership of a security. Private companies can use STO’s as an alternative way to raise capital without the additional burden and regulatory requirements associated with becoming a public company via the traditional IPO process. Because Security Tokens are digital assets, their record of ownership (i.e. capitalization table) is automatically recorded and updated in a blockchain database.


Primary STO Categories

Equity Security
The security token may represent ownership stake in the issuing business, often with voting rights. Similar to a share of stock in a company but it is transacted and recorded leveraging the blockchain.
Debt Security
The security token represents a loan at an interest rate. This is where an investor is funding a firm or asset in part or whole in exchange for interest such as NBA player contracts, real estate mortgages, or corporate bonds. Smart contracts make it possible for automatic distributions to occur on pre-defined schedules, with less human interaction.
Asset-Backed Security
The security token may represent ownership stake in real world assets, such as real estate or collectibles.

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