Empowering Companies

Our alternative trading system (ATS) empowers companies to stay private for longer, while giving shareholders, including employees, the potential to exit their investment sooner than waiting for corporate events like a sale, merger, or major stock exchange listing; any of which may take up to 15 years. This provides investors the opportunity to exit an investment and businesses to attract and retain key talent, without tying up capital for an extended time.

Digital Security Token Offerings

We have partnered with trusted companies to issue SEC-compliant digital security tokens representing underlying asset ownership, to enable capital raises and provide the potential for shareholder liquidity.


Why Symbridge Capital ATS?

Regulatory Framework
Our comprehensive framework is designed to meet the regulatory and operational requirements of FINRA and the SEC.
Innovative Technology
Our best-in-class technology platform facilities trading of private securities, while providing comprehensive transaction reporting and sophisticated order management tools.
Strategic Liquidity
Servicing the needs of institutional-grade investors, our platform is designed to provide liquidity for private securities. Enabling issuers and investors to efficiently trade both large and small blocks of equity and debt.

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